Virtual Booths

The Booth

The Virtual Photo Booth is a collapsible Aluminium and Semi Rigid Plastic structure, this of which can fit through any door or Hallway. The Virtual Booth runs a Canon 550D 18 Mega Pixel DSLR Camera and Logitech 1080p Wide Angle Video Camera. Unlike other Photo booths the Virtual Booth runs on a custom designed Apple Mac software which is fully integrated within the booth with a built in touch screen.

Customised Backgrounds

That’s right, Virtual Booth will 100% customise a print background specifically for your Photo Booth event. Once you have paid the securing deposit for your Virtual Booth we will contact you and ask what you would like designing. As we design the backgrounds in house it’s a very quick turn around and we can make changes at any time. Even if you don’t want a custom background we can use one of our set themed templates.

Image Capture

Images taken with the Photo Booth are captured using the built in Canon 550d DSLR Camera. The images caught are then automatically reformatted saved within the software and printed in the chosen format

Video Capture

Using the built in wide-angle 1080p HD lens guests can record a video clip of there choice. Once the video has been recorded it will playback automatically for the guest to see. All videos recorded are available on the DVD or USB after the event.


Our built in printer is quick, very quick. Once the images are taken it will automatically trigger the printer, this then jumps into actions and has a print ready within just 9 seconds, no hanging around with a Virtual Booth!
The print options are full colour or black and white. The guest have the option of print choices once the images have been taken.

Online Booking

Unlike the small companies we have a fully integrated booking system that takes all information and payment from day one. Once you have made the booking you will receive a 9 digit booking reference, this reference allows you to access the booking details and any time and also aids login to the online album after the event.

Online Album

Once the event has finished the photos will become available to you and your guests online with 48 hours. The album will be password protected to prevent others looking at your images and videos.


All packages are available with a wide range of props. The props range from silly glasses to weird and wonderful hats, these props really get the guests interacting and wanting lots of different pictures.

Custom Print Backgrounds

Available with all packages the customised print background feature really adds that personal touch. Should it be a wedding or corporate event you can set anything you like around the images. Unlike most standard photo booth company’s are background are created using the latest Adobe software, this gives them a real edge and it’s not simply a plain line of text across the print area.

DVD’s and Memory Sticks

Both DVD’s and Memory sticks are available after the event and contain all of the images taken within the Virtual photo booth. We offer this service as the DVD and Memory sticks are very easy to duplicate if your having trouble downloading etc. Also if you chose a memory stick its your to keep forever for personal use.

Guest Books

The guest book option is great; it allows for guests to have their photo taken within the Booth and stick a copy of the picture in the pre-chosen guest book. The really lets people leave a personal comment that you can always remember and revisit. We highly recommend guest books for weddings.

The Virtual Booths