Quality Photo Booth Hire in London (For Any Event)

Carolyn confesses: She’s having a wedding in London but doesn’t want it to be your run-of-the-mill ceremony and reception.  All of her friends hired bands and even a high-in-demand DJ to spice up their receptions, but she wants to do something different.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Watford, John is planning a big party for one of his friends, who recently got a promotion.  He wants to have something special at the party, but he isn’t quite sure what he wants…

But, after a quick search on Google, both Carolyn and John know the perfect service to hire–a traveling photo booth.


What is a Traveling Photo Booth?

If you’ve ever been to a shopping centre, then you’re probably familiar with photo booths–private booths where you and your friends can snap a few photos, customize the background of the photos, and have them printed out in just a few minutes.

With traveling photo booths, you needn’t visit your local shopping precinct; the photo booth comes to you.

For weddings or parties, traveling photo booths are becoming extremely popular–some even serving as visual guest books during weddings.  Because you only need to pay to install and maintain the photo booth, your guests can also use it as many times as they want without having to pay any fees, and the customization options are limitless.

In England, one of the most in-demand photo booth services, Virtual Booth, offers comprehensive photo booth services nearly everywhere–including London and even Watford.  If you live in the London area, Virtual Booth will send its photo booth directly to you, with a staff member on hand to maintain the booth while your guests have fun taking all sorts of odd (but memorable) photos.

And, unlike your regular photo booth, these photos are in crystal clear HD quality–thanks to its built in Canon 550D DSLR camera, considered one of the best DSLRs on the market today.


Features of The Virtual Booth

For a nominal fee, Virtual Booth will set up its photo booth securely and discreetly at your local party, event, or wedding in the London area–and you’ll soon enjoy all of the features Virtual Booth has to offer.

As well as high quality photos that your guests won’t have to pay to print out, Virtual Booth also offers video capturing services, offered in 1080p HD video.

In case you aren’t aware, that’s currently the highest resolution any video camera can achieve.

As well as photo and video, guests can also customize their photos by choosing from a selection of pre-made or customized backgrounds.  You can also work with local Virtual Booth to design your own background, whether that’s a customized background commemorating your wedding or a colorful design to celebrate a special occasion or birthday.  And you won’t pay extra.

But the best feature of Virtual Booth may be the memories you save after the event, offered in a complimentary DVD or memory stick.  Virtual Booth will even upload these special photos to Facebook, so your friends and family members can tag and share the photos–no extra fees required.

Having a complimentary memory stick filled with these photos and videos also means you can easily transport it anywhere and access it at anytime, via a computer USB drive.

For Carolyn, the bride to be, this meant everything to her–and her family members, who flew in from all areas of Europe to see her special day unfold.  And for John, the party host, having a photo booth sent to his house in Watford meant less travel and hassle for him, and more time focusing on the more important matters.  And that’s what really matters the most.