Best Photo Booth Hire in Reading (For Any Event)

Perhaps you’re planning a wedding in Reading this year–but want to make it more unique.  Or perhaps you’re planning a surprise birthday party for your spouse, your child, or even your mother or father.

Or maybe you’re holding a business seminar or event around Reading, such as Caversham and Bracknell–and need some way to engage the interest of your attendees.

Instead of going with the conventional, try something a bit off beat: virtual booths.


What are Virtual Booths?

Remember those tiny booths you used to use at malls and festivals?  With a small deposit, you and your friends could take a selection of odd photos to cherish a special moment–and you could even customize the background.

After 5 minutes of waiting, you’d receive your special moment–printed on smooth, glossy paper, which eventually you placed in a scrapbook, or pinned with a magnet onto your refrigerator.

Luckily, with the Virtual Booth, you won’t have to visit your local mall or festival in order to capture these memories.  For a small fee, you too can have this booth for any special occasion in Reading, whether that’s a wedding, party, prom, or just a special get together that needs some spicing up.

And with a built in Canon 550D 18 Mega Pixel DSLR camera and a 1080p video camera, you’ll capture these memories in both high resolution photo and video.


Benefits of a Virtual Booth for Your Special Occasion

If you’re planning an event in Reading, a Virtual Booth may be the perfect way to remember that occasion–but you’re not simply paying for a private photo booth.

Run on custom Apple Mac software, the Virtual Booth can also encapsulate those memories with custom backgrounds, either pre-made or configured to your personal tastes.

The booths also come with custom skins, so you can modify the look of your personal booth for any occasion.

With Virtual Booth, you also won’t wait for minutes for your pictures to be printed–you’ll only need to wait 9 seconds, with options for color or black and white photos.  If you don’t want to print out your photos, you’ll also still get access to them after the event, via a password protected online album, available 48 hours after the event.  You’ll be able to view and save these photos, and even peruse any videos your guests have taken.

If opting for an online album isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry: You can also access your photos on DVDs or memory sticks, which will store your photos and videos for years to come.  Simply insert them into your computer of choice for immediate access.


How to Book a Virtual Booth

Like the setup, it’s easy to book your next Virtual Booth for any party or special event in the immediate Reading area.  Simply book your appointment via telephone or by visiting the official Virtual Booth website, which will allow you to book your request online in Reading or other surrounding cities.

Because everything is protected with a 256 encrypted connection, you also don’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen.  Virtual Booth also won’t keep any credit card information on file, so your financial information is also safe.

Depending on availability, you can book a week or sooner in advance–some people have even booked two days before an event.

For an event that needs a bit of spicing up, Virtual Booth is a great way to keep the memories alive, with picture quality you won’t get from a standard photo booth.