Custom Backgrounds


What so special about your Backgrounds ?

Every package booked with Virtual booth will come with a custom background. Please note this is not a bit of text stamped on the bottom on the pictures like other companies. We design all of the backgrounds within Adobe Photoshop and can design and create literally anything for your event.




Do we have to email you for a quote?

No – Unlike every other Photo Booth company we have an online availability calendar and secure booking system. Doesn’t waste time filling out tones of online forms, check, select, and book.

Do we have to pay a deposit to secure the event?

Yes – By using the online booking system you will be able to pay the £100.00 securing deposit.

When is final payment due?

Our booking database will automatically email you an invoice 30 days prior to the event, this will need to be paid in full prior to the event.

I don’t want to pay online?

Not a problem, were more than happy to accept a cheque.


Event Images


Can the images be viewed online after the event?

Sure can, within 48 hours of the event we will load the images to our website into a password protected folder; this will prevent others viewing your private event images.

Can Facebook users tag the pictures?

Yes they can, all event images are loaded to Facebook to allow guests to tag themselves. During the event we will hand out cards with a URL and QR code. Should you wish for you photo’s not to be loaded to Facebook then please let us know.

Why would I want a DVD or USB of the Images?

When we load the images to both our Website and Facebook page the images will lose some resolution. By sending the images to you as a hard copy you then have the ability to store them on your computer, print more copy’s, load them to your social media sites etc.